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Adding New Posts

For much of the new information that you’ll add to the website you will need to add a new post.

Awards pdf

Clubs pdf

Curriculum Documents pdf

Curriculum Parental Support pdf

Lunch Menus pdf

video Newsletters pdf

Notices of Events pdf

Parents’ Evening Dates pdf

PTA pdf

Pupil Premium pdf

School Council pdf

Sport Premium pdf

Stats & Results pdf

Term Dates pdf

Updating Old Posts

Sometimes you will need to locate an old post and update it with new information. Here’s how.

Admissions pdf

Aims & Ethos pdf

Daily Schedule pdf

Find/Contact Us pdf

Governors pdf

Head Teacher Welcome pdf

Policy Documents pdf

Prospectus pdf

Staff List pdf

Uniform pdf

Links & Multimedia

Here’s how to add links to your posts or put multimedia objects into your website.


Links to websites pdf

Making your link popup pdf

Removing Links pdf


Adding Unlisted Video pdf

Restart YouTube Video pdf

Best Practice

Find out how to get the most from your website, such as creating posters or timed posts etc.

Adding a pdf icon pdf

Adding a Poster pdf

Timed Posts pdf

Copy & Paste Techniques

Posting Tables from MS Word pdf

Copy and Paste from Excel pdf

Image Preparations

It’s important to prepare your images before the go onto the website. Resized images are much quicker to load on the page.

Downloading Fotosizer pdf

Setting up Fotosizer pdf

Using Fotosizer pdf

A straightforward setup process…
a new website
setting it up

A www address

We setup a www address for your site on our secure server.

Website Install

Once the www address is in place it won’t take us long to have the new site in place, be that a template site or a blank install for a bespoke site.

Sending for information

We either visit you or send a series of emails asking for specific information. Once you have replied we will have all of the data we need to populate your website.

Website Photo Images

We can either visit your business for a morning to take photos/video or you can send your images over to us yourselves. We use these to stamp your website with your identity.

Multi-Platform Connections

We attach the website to any other social media platforms of your choice – this is normally Twitter but some clients also have a Facebook business page. Each time a new post is added by you to your website it will automatically get pushed out into your social media platform so that the post will appear on your client’s mobile phones, tablet devices etc. This will enable you to stay in touch with your clients more effectively.

Training Manuals and Videos

You download our training manuals from our website and use them and the videos to update and maintain your site. We’re always just an email away to help and support you.

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