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Enabling primary schools to succeed on the Web

Stamping Your Identity Online

Website styles that will enable you to show off your school and allow easy navigation through the large amount of information that Ofsted require you have on the web.

Visits for Photos

We spend dedicated time taking photos of your school life in order to capture and portray your school’s resources, activities and success online.


Communicating your Information

Ofsted require that your school delivers a certain amount of information online in an effective and coherant way. We facilitate this for you.

Sharing School Life

Using the resources of the internet to help you communicate to your parents and school supporters. Sharing technologies that save you time and effort.

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School websites for Education

When working with schools we always use a template from which to generate a website as a bespoke site is beyond the financial reach of a primary school.

Template Sites

Making it your own...

We take one of our template websites and, using images and colour schemes, make the site uniquely yours.

Template websites offer excellent value and can be up and running quickly as the design is pre-set. Then TexturedWeb stamps it with your personal identity.

Price range, £800 – £1400

Website design…

Here’s TexturedWeb’s latest template promotion.

Scrolling Main Page

This website style flows all of the information from one long page with side pages that the website jumps out to for more details when information feeds need to be examined.

Stamping your identity online

This website celebrates school life with lots of images as well as having a set of pages that are easy to navigate.

Click on each image link below to see in more detail our latest promoted template…








Latest School Template – Website Example

Primary Schools

Celebrating School Life Online

“As a school, we are delighted with the work that Tim and his team provide. The speed and efficiency of tasks completed is second to none. Tim also helps develop and train staff on how to continually add to and develop our own school website. Our website is easier to access and better for parents, prospective parents and the local community to navigate. The children are very proud of their website and feel that ‘it shows us in a great light: learning at its best’.”

Ian Cutts

Headteacher, Burstwick Community Primary School

The latest schools with our currently promoted website style…

Visits for Photos

We spend dedicated time taking photos of your school life in order to capture and portray your school’s resources, activities and success online.

A School Visit

We’ll help you get just the right photos at the right angles by coming into school to capture on camera school life as it happens. This can be a half day to a full day visit, depending on your budget.

Here’s what a school visit from us could do for you…

Pan Images


We’ll create panoramic images of your classroom areas showing the spaces in which your children learn.

Communal Areas

Panoramic images of the school hall / dining area as well as the playground and playing field.

Learning Resources

Panoramic images of the library, computer room and any other learning facilities.


At the Desk

We’ll take photos of the children in their place of study and get the best angles for displaying the images on the web.


At Play

We’ll take photos of play time and capture the fun your children have during their break periods.

Specific Lessons

If there are any lessons of special interest, baking cakes or work in a wildlife gardern etc. then we’ll photo these and make special mention of them on the website for you.




We’ll take a couple of photos of every child in each class and turn them into interactive online galleries.

Special Events

If there are any special events happening we’ll take lots of photos and add these to the gallery section.

Wall Displays

We’ll photograph wall displays and create galleries from them so that your parents and followers can enjoy the art that you show off around school.

Individual Art

If there are any individual pieces of art or 3D design then we’ll photo those for their own gallery on the website’s front page.


Communicating your Information

There’s so much that needs to be communicated on a school website, it can be overwhelming to a parent or school supporter. We make sure that every part of the website is distinct in character and easy to access. This prevents confusion and allows full access to the files, images, posters, menus, newsletters etc. that the person is looking for.

Ofsted Compliant

Making sure that everything that needs to be on your website is displayed in a clear and easy to navigate format.

Typical Website Content Overview

School Identity

School Premises

We’ll take photos of your work environment and mix them with stock images from your industry. We’ll then construct a visual website using those images to create web pages that share who you are in picture form to stamp mark your identity on your website.

People with Responsibility

Pages for the staff, governors, the PTA and the school council. Showing how they all work together to ensure that the school is a great place to learn.

Ethos and Vision

Showing the school’s approach to learning and the values that underpin that learning process. The school vision showing aims and targets.

Achievements or Awards

Showing the different awards that the school has achieved.

Child Welfare

How we take care of your children and protect them whilst they are with us.

Parental Info



How to apply for a place at school for your child. This normally includes a link to your school’s local authority website, the government guidelines website and an admissions policy document for you to download, if the school has one.



An outline of the curriculum so that parents know what your child is being taught.


The different policy documents that drive the daily running of the school.


How we spend both pupil and sport premium monies in order to enable the children to learn and thrive in their education.

Stats and Results

We can display your school’s statistics via addinging a link to the national performance tables. You can also post into a stats and resultes news feed any extra information , such as parental feedback from questionniares etc.


Find out what the school uniform is and where you can purchase it.



Being able to post your thoughts and activities onto your website for the purposes of sharing your activities, and so connecting with your parents and supporters or for the promotion of your school events and achievements.

Dinner Menus

Showing what is on the menu for school dinners. This will include vegetarian meals as well as regular school dinners.


Attaching your newsletters to a post so that it can be downloaded from the website.

Parental Consultations

Evenings when your child’s class teacher can talk with you about your child’s progress in school.

Term dates

Showing when the school is open and closed throughout the academic school year.


Links to the L.A., Ofsted reports, Parent View, performance tables and any other weblinks that the school feels is important.




Attaching your website to your social media account so that posts into your website automatically appear in your social media feed.

Images and Video

Being able to add photo galleries or embed video code into a post.

Follow Options

Making sure that your website enables customers to follow your activities on social media.

Contact Us

Online forms or clickable links to email or your phone make it easy for your customers and supporters to contact you.

3rd Party

If you wish to use some 3rd party plugins to add extra functionality we’ll add those to the site as long as we’re happy that they’re well put together I.T. products and compatible with the website.

Sharing School Life

A website that focuses on the activities of the club, its membership details and the social life that results from belonging to the group.

Celebrating your success…

Having the ability to share the different events of school life on the web and so to celebrate the achievements of the children online.

Get a celebration of school life…



All of our letters and newsletters will appear on the front page of the website in your general news feed. This makes finding the latest news easy and simple.


Posts & Posters

Add news about any event to the front page blog, whether a simple text post or a poster to advertise an event.

Gallery Links

Add links to a gallery of images on the website that show the events from a day out, a residential visit or a visiting speaker to school. Let your parents and supporters see what you’re up to at school and celebrate your success online.



Auto Post

Every time you add a new post into the website, the website database engine will take that post and send it on to your Twitter account for you. This means that every newsletter, dinner menu, term dates etc. that are added will also get automatically shared with parents who follow you via their Twitter app. One less job for you to do!


Direct Post

Many schools also like to use Twitter directly and to add photos into there without adding to the website. This is fine and we make sure that you have full access to your Twitter account.

Follow Options

All of the options that you need to quickly be followed by your parents and supporters are just a click away on your website.



If your parents and supporters want to receive emails from the website they can sign up to a free email subscription service. Every new post added to the website will send out an email with a link in it to the new post.


Any who use RSS technology can follow website changes via their web browser.

Social Media

If you wish to have a business page from another social media platform then that’s fine too. We’ll connect the website to it and have a display feed embedded into the site.

A straightforward setup process…

a new website

setting it up

A www address

We setup a www address for your site on our secure server.

Website Install

Once the www address is in place it won’t take us long to have the new site in place, be that a template site or a blank install for a bespoke site.

Sending for information

We either visit you or send a series of emails asking for specific information. Once you have replied we will have all of the data we need to populate your website.

Website Photo Images

We can either visit your business for a morning to take photos/video or you can send your images over to us yourselves. We use these to stamp your website with your identity.

Multi-Platform Connections

We attach the website to any other social media platforms of your choice – this is normally Twitter but some clients also have a Facebook business page. Each time a new post is added by you to your website it will automatically get pushed out into your social media platform so that the post will appear on your client’s mobile phones, tablet devices etc. This will enable you to stay in touch with your clients more effectively.

Training Manuals and Videos

You download our training manuals from our website and use them and the videos to update and maintain your site. We’re always just an email away to help and support you.

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