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About Us


How long has your company been operating?

We have been operating since June 2006 when we first started creating virtual learning environments for secondary schools.


When did you first begin to provide websites?

We created our first commercial website in November 2007 and have created lots of websites since then and supported companies over many years, building up good working relationships with our clients.


Do you have any specialist knowledge?

Yes. For education we have fully qualified and experinced school teachers work on our staff (BEd Hons 2:1) so we know the school environment very well. For website creation we also have over 22 years of I.T. knowledge to use on our website creation and support services. For server stability we have two teams of highly experienced workers who ensure that the hardward and software of the server that your website sits on runs well and is secure and safe.

Website Setup


How do you normally go about collecting the information for the website?

We normally send over to you either a single document for you to fill in where there are headed paragraphs that will guide your thinking so that you can easily write about who you are and what you do… or we send over to you a set of emails, each of which has a topic title, and as you answer the question on each email we tick off the list of things to do until the website content is all added.


Does website setup take a long time?

That normally depends on you. If you get the information over to us that we need, such as a description of your business, staff list, vision statement, product information, contact details, etc. then we can normally have the site up and running within a few days if we are working from one of our pre-set styles.


Do you have to visit us to setup a site?

No we don’t have to come and see you, we can setup a site virtually from where we are.


Does having a visit from you increase the cost of having a website?

A visit from us to chat about the website is free, but we also don’t want to be travelling too far to do this. We are currently based in East Yorkshire so we’re happy to travel down the M62 or M1. However, when we created websites for companies in Cornwall and Dublin we did all of our pre-website creation talk over the phone and via email!



Who owns the websites you create?

TexturedWeb Ltd owns all of the websites that they create. This is to stop someone from getting a site from us, then moving it to one of their own servers and taking the website apart to find out how we created it. We do not want all of our hard work to be stolen by someone else. However, having said that we own the site, as long as you keep to the terms and conditions of having a site with us you can be assured that you will have a website as long a you want.


Are there any parts of the website that do belong to us?

If you were to leave us then any text you created for your site and any images you emailed over belong to you. We would, however, expect you to have kept a copy of these for your own reference.


What if we want to leave you?

We hope you never want to leave us, but if you do that’s fine. We’ll put together for you all of the text that you sent over to us to construct your new site and any images that we have recieved from you and will email them over to you so that you can have something to start your new site with.

Client Base


Do you specialise in any type of client?

Yes we specifically specialise in primary school websites but we’ve created and supported sites from all kinds of business backgrounds.


Do you do websites for anyone else other than primary schools?

Yes, we sometimes make websites for other people but we are very choosy about this as primary schools are our main customers. Every now and again we promote SME templates and if that template is to do with your business group then you can have a website with us very easily.


Who can you create websites for?

We can create websites for business, mainly SMEs (that is small to medium sized enterprises) and these businesses must have a genuine product or service to offer that is viewable by all ages in society without being offensive.


Who do you NOT create websites for?

TexturedWeb Ltd will not create websites that are for political groups, pressure groups, ideology groups, groups associated with adult materials or any company that we feel would not be compatable with our role as a primary school website provider.



Are there discounts for taking more than one year’s worth of hosting and support?

There are discounts for hosting but not for support. See below for details.

2 Years hosting 10% off

5 Years hosting 30% off


Do you ever have sales or special offers?

Yes we will have sales and special offers on website setup costs but not normally on support costs – TexturedWeb staff wages normally come from support bills so they tend to remain the same from year to year.



If I’m still learning how to use the site can I still send multimedia materials over to you?

Yes whilst you are still learning to use the website you can send over to us materials for updating your site that are currently beyond you I.T. capabilities.


How can I send multimedia materials over to TexturedWeb?

There are several different ways in which you can pass across information to us. One of the most popular ways in to setup a shared folder in a Dropbox account and to put your photos/video into that folder and Dropbox will naturally copy the files over to us. All you need to do after that is to email us to tell us that the files are there waiting for us to pick them up for you. There are also other tools that you can use to send files over to us such as www.transferbigfiles.com and Google Drive.


Do you spell check any information we send over to you?

We do expect you to have fully checked any information for the website that we receive from you. We do, however, often cast an eye over any text you send over and we also have spell checking software that can pick up common spelling mistakes if your text is in the right format.


happens if we’re on zero support and we wanted our site tweaking a
little? Can we still ask you to change some pages for us etc?

Yes you can ask us to change pages, and minor changes we can overlook, but if those changes took up any significant amount of time we would have to make a charge of £25 per hour to do this for you. Zero support is meant to be exactly that. You choose the zero support option in order to save yourselves money when you expect nothing essentially chang on your site. Having said that, there is £160 difference between zero and bronze level support so there are plenty of hours work that we can do on your site, if you suddenly found something needed doing, and you’d still make a saving compared to being on bronze support.


Can I make my support level go up rather than down?

Yes. If you find that you need more help than the support level you’re on currently allows we will increase your support level for you. Obviously this will mean an increase in your monthly payments so we would send you a new bill to cover the extra cost until the following April when the annual charges begin again.


Why can’t I stay on a higher level support forever?

We want all of our clients to be able to use the websites to the best of their abilities. It only takes a little time for you to get the hang of our websites and you can’t break them. Our company policy is that you should work in partnership with us to ensure your website is up-to-date and serving you well. That’s why we want everyone to be on a lower level of support. It will benefit you in the long run.

A straightforward setup process…

a new website

setting it up

A www address

We setup a www address for your site on our secure server.

Website Install

Once the www address is in place it won’t take us long to have the new site in place, be that a template site or a blank install for a bespoke site.

Sending for information

We either visit you or send a series of emails asking for specific information. Once you have replied we will have all of the data we need to populate your website.

Website Photo Images

We can either visit your business for a morning to take photos/video or you can send your images over to us yourselves. We use these to stamp your website with your identity.

Multi-Platform Connections

We attach the website to any other social media platforms of your choice – this is normally Twitter but some clients also have a Facebook business page. Each time a new post is added by you to your website it will automatically get pushed out into your social media platform so that the post will appear on your client’s mobile phones, tablet devices etc. This will enable you to stay in touch with your clients more effectively.

Training Manuals and Videos

You download our training manuals from our website and use them and the videos to update and maintain your site. We’re always just an email away to help and support you.

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